The Brunswick Renewable Energy Center (BREC) includes on-campus power generation, an anaerobic digester, and a solar PV array

Anaerobic digester renewable energy plant at Brunswick Landing

Anaerobic digester renewable energy plant at Brunswick Landing

1.5 megawatt solar PV system at Brunswick Landing

1.5 megawatt solar PV system at Brunswick Landing

Solar PV System

About BREC

Maine is poised for dramatic economic growth in renewable energy technologies.

With alternative energy as one of Maine’s targeted and fastest growing economic sectors, the Brunswick Renewable Energy Center (BREC) at Brunswick Landing will concentrate on renewable energy, including the following activities:

• Product Manufacturing
• Generation/Distribution
• Research and Development

As of June 2019, the BREC project has advanced to include several renewable energy businesses and two on-site renewable power generation systems that provide electricity to Brunswick Landing customers.

Active power generation facilities at Brunswick Landing:

These two systems have the capacity to supply up to 65% of Brunswick Landing’s current electrical requirements.

BREC Key Features


  • On-site power generation and microgrid
  • Renewable energy research, development and demonstration site
  • Business park model that combines energy technology business operations with on-site production of energy used within the park itself
  • Dynamic power demonstration and production facilities that allow for components to be easily
    swapped out when new technologies evolve
  • Cutting edge research center of excellence in the Northeast for alternative energy development
  • Economically and environmentally sustainable for alternative energy facilities and clean industries
  • Incorporation of sustainable green growth in the property redevelopment
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Mission of Brunswick Renewable Energy Center

The Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, through the direction of its Board of Directors, will establish a Renewable Energy Center at Brunswick Landing. The Renewable Energy Center (BREC) at Brunswick Landing will be a:

  • National Center of Excellence for clean technology research, development and demonstration
  • World-renowned living laboratory for integrated R&D, manufacturing, testing, and operation of “next generation” clean technologies
  • Place where new technologies can “plug and play” on our grid

and will:

  • Attract clean technology businesses
  • Create new and sustainable cleantech job opportunities
  • Establish and grow a new clean technology cluster around renewable energy
  • Develop and deploy lower cost, “green” energy sources for the property (competitive advantage) on our own “smart” microgrid

BREC History

MRRA’s Reuse Master Plan calls for the development of a renewable energy center at Brunswick Landing with a focus on clean tech industries that have potential to put Brunswick Landing at the epicenter of the emerging clean energy market.

Strategy for buildout of BREC

1. Objective: Complete and implement Renewable Energy Center Feasibility Study


  • Identify Technology Partners. Continue to build relationships and contacts in the clean technology sector that will support development of the Renewable Energy Center.
  • Identify Operational Management Needs and Next Steps. Develop Regulatory/Permitting Roadmap that will provide MRRA and candidate clean technology businesses looking to operate as part of the Renewable Energy Center at Brunswick Landing a “road map” of regulatory and permitting issues to follow to facilitate business/project development.

Measurable Outcomes

  • Increase the number of actionable clean technology business leads generated through participation with the Renewable Energy Center Steering Committee and attendance at clean technology trade shows.
  • Increase the number of clean technology and renewable energy projects developed at Brunswick Landing

2. Objective: Provide low-cost, green energy for tenants and other organizations located at Brunswick Landing to support development


  • Develop and deploy lower cost , alternatively-fueled “green” energy sources for the property (competitive advantage) on our own “smart” microgrid
  • Procure the balance of delivered electricity not generated on-site from renewable sources to the maximum, cost-effective extent possible
  • To support the development of a smart electrical micro grid at Brunswick Landing, commission and complete a comprehensive analysis of the electrical transmission and distribution system to form the basis of a plan for directed development of the grid to support Renewable Energy Center operations

Measurable Outcomes

  • Increase the amount of electricity generated on-site as a percentage of the total requirement for Brunswick Landing
  • Increase the deployment of “smart grid” technology at Brunswick Landing

3. Objective: Make Brunswick a national center for clean technology


  • Attract clean technology businesses
  • Create new and sustainable clean tech job opportunities

Measurable Outcomes

  • Increased number of clean tech businesses/clean tech jobs located at Brunswick Landing