22% of all general aviation aircraft in the US and 52% of all general aircraft in Canada is within 500 miles of BXM.

Sure, BXM can support small planes and executive jets, but as a former Navy base, it can also support large carriers. With the following features, this state-of-the-art airport complex is the ideal location to land your business.

  • Two 8,000-foot runways
  • 650,000 square feet of hangar space and maintenance facilities
  • More than 103 acres of taxiways and aircraft parking apron space
  • An advanced glycol recovery de-icing system
  • Jet-engine test and maintenance facilities
  • A new instrument landing system

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Available Aviation Properties at Brunswick Landing

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Drone Pilots Take Notice

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) policy at Brunswick Executive Airport: Operators of UAS must notify Brunswick Executive Airport management if their flight plan is within a five-mile radius of the airport. Please call FlightLevel Aviation to notify us of your plan at 207-406-2081.

BXM Airport Guide

BXM Location: 2 SE from the Town of Brunswick, ME
Time Conversion: UTC -5(-4DT)
Airport Reference Pt:
N 43 -53’-32.0 | W 69 -56-19.01
Chart: New York
Instrument Approach Procedures: ILS RWY IR, RNAV
(GPS) RWY 1R and RWY 19L
Elevation:75’ highest elevation
Fuel: 100LL, Jet A
Traffic Pattern Altitude:  1100 (1025)

FAA inspection:  Not insp
RWY 1R & 19L: Hard Surface
8,000′ x 200′ (ASPH-CONC)

Class: E
 Unicom 122.725
Lighting: HIRLS

FBO: FlightLevel Aviation: 207.406.2081

Airport Remarks: Right Traffic 01R/Left Traffic 19L. Runways 01L and 19R closed until further notice. Pilot controlled lighting via the Unicom. FBO services on northeast side of airport 15 Terminal Road in Terminal Building, first floor.  Bird activity in the vicinity of the airport

Nearby radio navigation aids:

VOR radial/distance: AUG r211/26.4


Freq:  111.40

Var:  18W

  • Inboard VFR Patterns (Runway 1R)
  • Inboard VFR Patterns (Runway 19L)
  • PWM Letter to Airmen

Brunswick Executive Airport is owned and operated by the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority. The airport is located at 15 Terminal Road in Brunswick, ME.