Our world-class composites facility was developed to support state-of-the-art composite manufacturing via a temperature and humidity controlled layup room and oven suitable to manufacture aerospace quality components.

A data-acquisition system to monitor and record vacuum (5 channels) and temperature (15 channels) is integrated into both the large Rohner oven, as well as the high temperature (850 °F) Grieve oven.

High capacity (29.9” Hg) vacuum pumps support the ovens, as well as layup room via segregated vacuum headers.

The layup room and Rohner oven are also well suited for room temperature, as well as elevated temperature infusion processing.

A state-of-the-art spray booth supports spray in mold primers and coats, as well as finish painting operations.

Composites layup room with Rohner oven

Featured Equipment:

  • Rohner Oven (21’x15’8”x10’)
  • Grieve Oven (4’x4’x3’)
  • Spray Booth (24’x16’x8’8”)
  • Freezer (12’x12’x 8’)

Grieve oven

Spray booth