TechPlace’s versatile work environment offers a range of office sizes, from a cozy 115 square feet to expansive 550 square feet, ensuring a perfect fit for every business need. Conveniently located on both the first floor and mezzanine, our offices provide diverse views—some with windows overlooking the north parking lot and bustling airport tarmac, while others offer a more secluded interior setting. All spaces come furnished with desks, chairs, and filing cabinets which, combined with included internet, mail, photocopier, and conference room availability, provide you with a turnkey solution to kickstart your productivity.

On the TechPlace interactive diagram you can see offices of different sizes and shapes. Available spaces (offices and industrial spaces) are shown in orange and display square footage on hover.

Don’t need an office, just a desk?

Check the interactive diagram for availability of desks in the Co-Working Business Suite